Mapantsula + Recorded Intro

Directed by Oliver Schmitz

A true classic of guerrilla filmmaking, Mapantsula is now available to watch in stunning 4K after years of suppression, marking the 30th anniversary of South African Freedom Day in April 2024.

Director Oliver Schmitz worked closely with co-writer and lead actor Thomas Mogotlane to produce a film under extreme censorship, and by evasion of the authorities, they bravely created a radical and rare anti-apartheid feature film. Mapantsula tells the story of Panic, a small-time hood who believes he sees all the angles. But he is soon in the web of the authorities, pushed to betray the revolutionaries fighting for change.

More than a gripping crime story, Mapantsula is an almost miraculous opportunity to understand South Africa from within during its struggle for freedom, centred on the choices offered to Panic by a system set out to dehumanise him.

Vital, humane and unvarnished, this is the time to reckon with Mapantsula.

Event/ This screening will be preceded by a short interview with actor and co-writer Thomas Mogotlane, recorded in 1990 and reflecting on the film’s production two years earlier.


Sat 27 Apr 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of Freedom Day – a public holiday in South Africa commemorating the country’s first post-apartheid elections. 

Mark the occasion at HOME with a pair of censor-defying films that provide a rare insight into the lives and creativity of Black South Africans living under the regime. Joe Bullet screens Fri 26 Apr and Mapantsula screens Sun 28 Apr

104 minutes

English and Zulu

Partial English

Country of origin:
South Africa

Year of production:

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