Manolito Four-Eyes

Directed by Miguel Albaladejo

Elvira Lindo’s books and radio plays about the comic adventures of a bespectacled working class boy are hugely popular in Spain – for adults and children alike. In adapting her stories, Lindo has teamed up again with director Albaladejo (THE FIRST NIGHT OF MY LIFE) to bring Manolito to the big screen. Another summer vacation stuck in their small flat in Carabanchel Alto (Madrid) for chubby 10-year-old Manolito, his grandfather, younger brother (‘The Imbecile’) and his harassed mother. Nothing much to do… play in the barren park, try to avoid his brother and stay out of mum’s way. But trouble always manages to find him. Then Manolito’s lorry-driving dad comes to his rescue by taking him on the road where Manolito’s adventures can really begin… + My Holidays J.A. Bayona, Sp 1999, 12m Subtitled A young boy’s impressions of his exciting holidays at grandad’s village.

85 minutes

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