Luther Price Retrospective – Programme 3

Another trio of films from Boston-based filmmaker Luther Price.

Light Fractures (Luther Price, 2015, approx. 7 mins)
Like Meat, Price’s Light Fractures are an ongoing series of hand-manipulated 35mm slides whose images have been altered through scratching, collaging, bleaching, mold growth, and other techniques. Presented at HOME for the first time anywhere, this most recent Light Fractures iteration draws on more minimalist imagery than his Meat series, accentuating the formal properties of his invented medium over its content.

35mm slide series.

Green (Tom Rhoads, 1988, 30 mins)
Inspired by the death of the filmmaker’s aunt, who committed suicide the year he was born, Green wanders through a series of striking artifacts and performances—a dead starling, a bean-bag ashtray, scratchy country records, atavistic drag—as if sleepwalking in “a world where ghosts live.”

Super 8mm-to-digital. Digitally restored by Bard College Dept of Film & Electronic Art with support from the National Film Preservation Foundation’s Avant-Garde Masters Grant.

Clown (Luther Price, 1990 – 2002, 30 mins)
Shot on the rocky beaches near Price’s native home in Massachusetts, Clown depicts Price performing alone in a rubber clown mask. Grunting, screeching, inflating and deflating balloons, destroying a plastic doll, Price’s persona is alternately hilarious and terrifying.

Super 8mm-to-digital. Digitally restored by Anthology Film Archives with support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

67 minutes

Year of production: