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Lord of Milan

Herbert Kilpin was the founder of AC Milan FC, one of the world’s biggest football clubs. He emigrated from Nottingham, UK, in the late nineteenth century and moved to Italy to work in the textiles industry.

In his spare time he enjoyed playing a new sport called football. From there he created a club that some of the world’s best footballers have played for, such as; Paulo Maldini, Gianni Rivera, Ruud Gullit, Kaka, Marco Van Basten, George Weah and David Beckham. He was responsible for their name (the Italian word is “Milano”), their distinctive red and black kit, their club crest and much more besides.

In 2017 AC Milan was sold for $800million, but Herbert Kilpin created it just for fun. For many years his story was forgotten in both England and Italy and remained untold. This film tells the story of the life of the lost founder of one of the world’s biggest football clubs and of the fans who helped bring it back to life.