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Lithuanian Animation Retrospective

Please note that the previously advertised start time for this screening has changed. The screening will now begin at 18:30.

This special screening is presented for the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian animation. The programme starts with the one of the greatest pioneers of the medium, self-taught filmmaker Ladislas Starewitch and his stop-motion masterpiece with live bugs, The Insects’ Christmas (1913). Lovingly curated by Dasa Vanova, the programme offers highlights from the archive and also showcases contemporary talent.


This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Dasa Vanova who curated the programme, and animator Antanas Janauskas, director of Initiative, The Chair and Short Circuit.

With thanks to the Culture Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

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The Insects’ Christmas
Dir Ladislas Starewitch / LT 1913 / 6 mins / LT wEng ST
A Father Christmas ornament climbs down from a decorated tree and goes to the forest to spread cheer among the insects and frogs. One of the first ever animated films made by the godfather of stop-motion using live beetles and other bugs.

Initiative (Iniciatyva)
Dir Antanas Janauskas / LT 1970 / 4 mins
The consequences of selfless assistance and the path to Hell can be paved with good intentions. This film was created as a response to the events of the Prague Spring of 1968.

The Tree (Medis)
Dir Nijolė Valadkevičiūtė / LT 1983 / 5 mins / LT wEng ST
A nine-headed dragon chases a girl who is saved by a magic tree.

The Secret of a Cactus (Kaktuso paslaptis)
Dir Valentas Aškinis / LT 1988 / 5 mins
A fairytale about a love that is more powerful than anger.

Bogeyman (Baubas)
Dir Ilja Bereznickas / LT 1987 / 10 mins / LT wEng ST
Even a bogeyman can be your friend, once you see through his tricks.

The Chair (Kėdė)
Dir Antanas Janauskas / LT 1995 / 1 mins
A minimalist classic. Officials change, the chair stays.

Metamorphoses (Metamorfozės)
Dir Jūratė Leikaitė / LT 1996 / 7 mins
A subtle study of interpersonal relationships set against the backdrop of an old system collapsing and a new one taking place.

Short Circuit (Trumpas sujungimas)
Dir Antanas Janauskas / LT 2003 / 4 mins
A very condensed expression dealing with the relationship between man and woman. An accidental collision of a man and a woman sparks on an amusing rolling and still jauntier jostle.

La la la
Dir Danas Bereznickas / LT 2007 / 1 mins
A very short animation about a good opera and bad digestion.

Tail (Uodega)
Dir Rasa Jonikaitė / LT 2007 / 5 mins
A fox and a wolf, friendship and betrayal, and the relationships between animals and people.

Ragana – A Witch´s Magic (Ragana – raganos burtai)
Dir Antanas Skučas / LT 2008 / 1 mins
This witch has made a pact with the devil – and everything goes into the mix.

Military Life (Kareiviškas gyvenimas)
Dir Meinardas Valkevičius / LT 2009 / 2 mins
These are three chapters of military life as three variations on three different animation techniques. All spiced up with a good deal of black humour.

Synchronization (Sinchronizacija)
Dir Rimas Sakalauskas / LT 2009 / 8 mins
A film for lovers of drifting, rotational objects – starring a library of abandoned factories, towers, chimneys, antennas, electricity installations and other devices.

Independence Day (Nepriklausomybės diena)
Dir Urte Budinaite / LT 2012 / 5 mins
A man escapes the radio looking for freedom. At least he finds his lost hat.