Le Souffle

Directed by Damien Odoul

This feature directorial début is a visually stunning and startling coming-of-age tale set on an isolated farm during one hot day. Invited to participate in the male bonding of his uncles’ barbecue, 15-year-old David becomes blind drunk for the first time and takes off into the fields where his volatile behaviour results in an extreme action. Odoul uses dreams and fantasies to offer the boy’s troubled perspective. With a cast of non-professionals and striking poetic imagery, the director gives a nod to seminal French filmmakers such as Franju, Truffaut, and Bresson whilst staking a claim for himself as a talent to follow. Winner of the Special Jury Prize and FIPRESCI critics prize at the 2001 Venice Film Festival.Please note: some scenes involve the slaughter of farm animals.

77 minutes

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