La Voluntaria

Directed by Nely Reguera

Marisa, a recently retired doctor, travels to a Greek refugee camp with a group of Spanish volunteers. Confronted with the harsh realities of daily life in the camp, and chafing against the bureaucracy and regulations that govern her role within an NGO, Marisa struggles to feel useful even as she is filled with love and compassion. Boundaries become seriously blurred when she gets close one particular refugee, a young orphan who has retreated into silence and the company of an affectionate stray dog.

A stellar performance from established Spanish actor Carmen Machi (Llenos de gracia, El Bar, La Puerta abierta), who shines in every scene as the flawed heroine naively ‘playing grandmother’ without seeing the perilous path she’s treading.

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99 minutes

Translated title:
The Volunteer

English, Greek and Spanish

Partial English

Country of origin:
Greece and Spain

Year of production:

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time

On sale: Friends 9 Feb, Members 10 Feb & General 13 Feb