Rogopag: La Ricotta 12 Dir/Scr Pasolini It/Fr 1962 with Orson Welles, Mario Cipriani, Laura Bett LA RICOTTA was made for ROGOPAG, a film where famous directors each contribute a segment. A film extra works on a Biblical epic and between his thwarted attempts to grab a bite to eat is nailed to the Cross as the good thief. The film was accused of blasphemy and pornography and banned. + La Rabbia (Rage) Dir/Scr Pasolini It 1963 60mins LA RABBIA is a film in two parts which counterposes a leftist viewpoint against a conservative one. Pasolini attempts to answer the existential question – Why are our lives characterised by discontent, anguish and fear? Please note: LA RICOTTA screens first

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