La Odisea de los giles

Directed by Sebastián Borensztein

Set during the 2001 financial crash in Argentina, this funny, well-paced, sort of heist movie presents an appealing fantasy: ordinary folk taking revenge on the crooked establishment.

The tale begins with a group of friends and neighbours who pool their savings, hoping to reactivate an agricultural cooperative. The day after they deposit the money in a local bank, Argentina’s financial system collapses and they lose it all. When they discover certain people have used prior knowledge of the crash to scam them, the hodgepodge collective launch an audacious plan to recoup the stolen funds.

Enjoy the talented ensemble cast, including the prolific Ricardo Darín (profiled during ¡Viva! 2016) and his son Chino, and stay in your seats for the amusing bonus scene during the credits!

117 minutes

Translated title:
Heroic Losers


Full English

Country of origin:
Argentina and Spain

Year of production:

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