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La Flor Part 1

La Flor is a captivating and witty narrative made up of six independent, successive episodes. A long-nourished project by Argentinian filmmaker Mariano Llinás, produced over 10 years, it weaves a multiplicity of stories and defies any strict convention regarding genre and style. Connected by the same four actresses, who play radically different roles in each part, La Flor is also a tribute to the history of film.

Part 1 features episodes one and two of six. In episode 1, a group of researchers encounter a cursed mummy in a tribute to the classic B-movies, while episode 2 juxtaposes the story of two people making a song together after breaking up with a shadowy secret society trying to formulate a potion for eternal life. Both episodes pick up and end in the middle of the story – don’t expect any neat Hollywood packages here, but for film fans looking for an entirely new experience, La Flor is essential viewing.

Please note the timings for La Flor are as follows:

Part 1 – Sat 26 Oct, 13:00 – 16:40 (includes a 15 minute intermission)

Part 2 – Sat 26 Oct, 17:15 – 22:55 (includes two 15 minute intermissions)

Part 3 – Sun 27 Oct, 15:00 – 20:20 (includes two 15 minute intermissions)