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La Distancia + Q&A

A heist-movie of such exquisitely bizarre loopiness to make Inception look like Ocean’s ElevenSergio Caballero‘s The Distance (La distancia) is a likeably giggle-inducing dollop of deadpan surrealist whimsy. Observing a trio of telepathic Russian dwarves tasked with robbing an abandoned Siberian power-station, Caballero’s follow-up to 2010’s even more deliciously outre Finisterrae confirms the Catalan’s status as a puckish jester in the court of current European art-cinema.

– The Hollywood Reporter

Sergio Caballero is the co-director and art director of the Sónar, Barcelona’s International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art. His creativity and artistic restlessness has manifested itself across many creative elds, such as the composition of electronic music, visual arts and conceptual art, and has found its platform across the media in the ever controversial and powerful Sónar advertising campaigns.

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This screening includes a post-screening Q&A with director Sergio Cabellero and Dr. Andy Willis, Film & Media Lecturer at Salford University, Senior Visiting Curator (Film) at HOME.