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Kind Hearts and Coronets

Bent on attaining the dukedom denied him by his ignoble birth, a draper’s assistant devotes himself to eliminating the estranged relatives standing in his way. Hamer’s glitteringly cynical script is beautifully served by superb performances all round (with Guinness playing all the offending d’Ascoynes). Ealing’s blackest comedy was nominated for both a BAFTA and a Golden Lion.



  • “A brilliantly cynical film without a hint of middle-class guilt or bitterness.”

    - Time Out
  • “One of the most enduring comedies from the Ealing movie-barn […] A near-perfect, cross-generational laugh-in, it’s a reminder that, once upon a time, British cinema could match anything that came out of Hollywood. ****”

    - Total Film