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In 2020, Ann Hui BBS MBE was presented the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award by the 77th Venice International Film Festival, alongside actress Tilda Swindon. She is the first Asian female director to receive this prestigious recognition.

Hui is the most influential filmmakers in Hong Kong, who has directed 33 films since the 1970s and receiving over 30 awards internationally. An alumna of London Film School, Hui becomes a “star” for the first time in Man Lim Chung’s directorial debut. A forerunner of the New Wave, Hui’s tumultuous, forty-year career is an unequivocal testimony to her unyielding dedication to filmmaking, and her expedition into the metamorphic city.

This biopic probes into the acclaimed director’s idiosyncratic world, where we witness her rashness and goofiness, as well as her humanistic concerns for the everyday nobodies which make her films so moving.

Interviewees featured in this film include well known directors such as Fruit Chan, Tsui Hark, Hsiao-Hsien Hou and many more.