Directed by Emer Reynolds

Joy and Mully are two lovable rogues. Joy is angry – she’s got a baby and motherhood does not come naturally to her; she feels she’s tossed her own dreams aside to give a screeching monster unconditional love. And, if she’s honest with herself, when she looks in the mirror she sees the shadow of her own neglectful mother. Twelve-year-old Mully also has a mum-shaped void in his life, as well as a conman dad.

But Mully’s got balls; he takes his dad’s stash of cash and steals a taxi in a bid for freedom. There’s an almighty yell from the back seat. It’s Joy – hungover, freaking out, and holding a baby.

Joyride is a feel-good, foul-mouthed fairy-tale about two unlikely outlaws tearing up the road on a riotous misadventure in search of their dreams.


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