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Almost 40 years on, Spielberg’s masterpiece has lost none of its bite and continues to set the bar for the big screen summer blockbuster. Roy Scheider stars in his signature role as Police Chief Martin Brody who, following a series of mysterious shark attacks, decides to join forces with a marine scientist and an experienced local fisherman in the search for the menacing Great White shark. Sailing off to put an end to the horrors that have plagued the coast of their idyllic seaside town, none of the men are fully aware of the terror that awaits them at sea…

The taut action of their ocean adventure is perfectly pitched against John Williams’ Oscar-winning score and looks stunning in this new digital print. Equally entertaining and spine-tingling, Jaws is often revered as one of the greatest films of all time, defining a genre and remaining infinitely influential in Hollywood filmmaking.

Staff Review

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