Japanese Story

Directed by Sue Brooks

A huge hit in its native Australia, this cross-cultural, cross-country road movie-cum-romance features the first lead role for Toni Collette since MURIEL’S WEDDING. And her gutsy performance leaves you wondering why she’s been denied top billing since then. Collette plays geologist Sandy Edwards who accompanies a wealthy Japanese businessman on a trip round Western Australia. At first, Sandy and Hiromitsu (Tsunashima) don’t exactly hit it off, but following a foray into the stunning Pilbara Desert and a broken down van, the two learn to work through their cultural differences and romance develops. And then the road of their adventure swerves into a dangerous curve. Directed, scripted, and produced by women, the film proffers romance from the woman’s point of view, set against the brutal and immense landscape of the desert.

105 minutes

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