Is There Anybody Out There?

Directed by Ella Glendining

Revelatory documentary Is There Anybody Out There? follows debut feature filmmaker Ella Glendining as she goes on a journey to find someone else with a body like hers, exploring what it takes to love and esteem yourself as a disabled person in an ableist society.

Born with a condition so rare that no reliable statistics for it exist, Glendining has always wondered who out there shares her physical experience of the world. Inspired to find others who do, she discovers that meeting them profoundly changes how she sees herself and the future possibilities of her life.

Is There Anybody Out There? invites the viewer to ask questions and challenge assumptions they may never have considered before, taking in ideas around body culture and parenting alongside questions of humanity and medical ethics. With warmth, intelligence and an infectious joy for her body and life as it is, Glendining takes you on an unforgettable journey, full of unexpected detours, that will change how you see others – those both like and unlike you.

There will be two Relaxed Screenings of this film on Fri 17 Nov 18:40 & Sat 18 Nov 12:30. Relaxed Events are designed for people with autism spectrum conditions and their families so they can enjoy the arts together in a stress-free environment. These events are also suitable for people with sensory conditions, dementia or learning difficulties. Events include low cinema lighting, low volume, no trailers or ads and freedom to move around the space. There will be no adverts or trailers prior to these screenings

87 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production:

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