Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport

Directed by Mark Jonathan Harris Prod Deborah Oppenheimer

A compelling, gruelling documentary about the British government’s attempt to provide asylum for refugee Jewish children from Germany and its occupied land just before WWII.Harris and Oppenheimer’s film is a heartbreaking but inspirational testament to the success of this programme that brought safety and the horrible pain of separation (usually permanent) in equal measure. Compassionate narration by Judi Dench illuminates the evocative mix of archive footage and wrenching interviews with the survivors that relate a child’s eye-view of Nazism and the shock of being strangers in a strange land.Following the screening on Thu 8 Feb at 8.05pm, Ursula Rosenfeld, an interviewee in the film, will discuss her experiences as one of the child refugees.

117 minutes

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