ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network/ Laure Prouvost

London-based artist and filmmaker Laure Prouvost’s humorous short films employ storytelling to construct precisely edited narratives that toy with language and association. This screening brings together a cross-section of the artist’s moving image work, alongside a selection of her distinct monologue sound pieces.

In 2013 Prouvost won the Turner Prize for the exhibition Farfromwords, shown at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy (both 2013) and her film installation Wantee, shown as part of the exhibition Schwitters in Britain at Tate Britain, London (2013). The films featured in both these installations, Swallow (2013) and Wantee (2013), are included in this programme, as well as a series of earlier works from 2008 onwards. Prouvost has also selected a film by artist John Latham, Speak (1975), suggesting her influences and contextualising her practice within the traditions of artist filmmaking.

Screening programme:

Burrow Me (2008), colour, sound, 12 min 47 sec
Owt (2009), colour, sound, 3 min 20 sec
Stong Sorry Bread (2008), colour, sound, 2min 48sec
this voice (2012), mp3, 51 sec
Wantee (2013), colour, sound, 13 min 18 sec
this voice (2012), mp3, 42 sec
Deeper (2011), colour, sound, 1 min 25 sec
this voice (2013), mp3, 1 min 14 sec
Object Vegetable (2011), colour, sound,  3 min 20 sec
Johnn Latham, Speak (1962), 16mm transferred to SD video, colour, sound, 11 min
It Hit Heat (2010), colour, sound, 7 min 21 sec
this voice (2012), mp3, 1 min 22 sec
Monolog (2010), colour, sound, 9 min 7 sec
Wind (2013), mp3, 1 min 15 sec
Swallow (2013), colour, sound, 12 min 6 sec