I Will Survive

Directed by Alfonso Albacete & David Menkes

Directing team Albacete and Menkes were known for their camp comedies of urban Madrid life (MÁS QUE AMOR, FRENESÍ and ATÓMICA). But with I WILL SURVIVE they team up with novelist Lucía Etxebarría (as co-writer) to create a bittersweet romantic drama, with flashes of comedy. During one week, thirty-something Marga loses both boyfriend and job and finds that she’s pregnant. Shock gives way to determination and with the help of a Cuban immigrant and a gay best friend/counsellor, she builds a new life for herself. With Suárez’s gutsy performance at its heart (the part was written for her), this is an affectionate portrait of one woman’s battle against loneliness. Etxebarría, Albacete and Menkes are working together on their next film, I LOVE YOU, BABY. + Seven coffees a week Juana Macías Alba, Sp 1999, 13m Subtitled In this directorial début, “Gustavo is in love with Silvia, his girlfriend. They would have a good relationship if Gustavo were not also interested in Silvia’s sister. These things happen.” (Juana Macías Alba)

85 minutes

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