i ♥ huckabees

Directed by David. O. Russell

The director of SPANKING THE MONKEY and THREE KINGS flirts (without disaster) with a Charlie Kaufman/Wes Anderson kind of tale in this bizarre anti-corporate comic thriller. Earnest eco-activist-cum-poet Albert (RUSHMORE´s Schwartzman) decides to visit a team of existential detectives Hoffman and Tomlin. Meanwhile, Albert’s arch-enemy, expansionist Huckabees department store executive Brad (Law) also hires the detectives, forcing Albert to look elsewhere for his sleuthing. Soon everyone is involved, from Brad’s girlfriend (Watts) to another of the detectives’ dissatisfied clients (Wahlberg). Needless to say, all hell breaks loose. Crammed with mercilessly sharp dialogue and outlandish situations, HUCKABEES confirms Russell as a master of high-spirited farce.

106 minutes

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