House of Flying Daggers

Directed by Zhang Yimou

Director Zhang Yimou described HERO as a warm-up for this second foray into martial arts epics, so you know that you’re in for something really amazing with FLYING DAGGERS. In the 9th century, underground army The House of the Flying Daggers robs the rich to give to the poor. Their opponents are the local police captains Jin (Kaneshiro) and Leo (Lau). Hunky Jin goes undercover, breaking beautiful key rebel Mei (Zhang Ziyi) out of jail in order to infiltrate the gang. Chock full of stunningly choreographed, CGI-enhanced martial arts set pieces and once again sumptuously designed with gorgeous colours (visual consultant – Chris Doyle), HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS will take your breath away. (HERO will screen again in January).

119 minutes

Country of origin:
China and Hong Kong

Year of production: