Directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios

This award-winning debut feature is a poetic and gently comic piece of cinema that pays homage to the French New Wave, in a uniquely Mexican setting. When misbehaving teenager Tomás is sent to live with his brother in Mexico City, he finds Federico in a state of lethargy with the university locked down by student protests. As the narrative loosely weaves around their mission to find an ageing former rock star, the beautiful black and white cinematography, the enchanting soundtrack and the often erratic conversations all create a perfect celebration of the medium of cinema itself.

With thanks to New Wave Films.

★★★★ “What flair, what humour, what eccentric dash – with a bit of Spike Lee and a bit more of Jim Jarmusch… a very smart debut” – The Guardian

★★★★ “Beautifully done, with a light touch, winning central performances and an entirely seductive sense of place.” – The Times

★★★★ “Alonso Ruizpalacios infuses his debut Güeros with verve and imagination” – Financial Times

★★★★ “The exuberant spirit of the French New Wave animates this playful, freewheeling debut by Alsonso Ruizpalacios” – Total Film

★★★★ “Güeros may have a tiny budget but it has a big heart… full of engaging touches” – Daily Express

★★★★ “A majorly impressive work, particularly for a first feature, and if Ruizpalacios can make something even half as impressive for a follow-up, it’d likely be better than 90% of the stuff that makes it to our screens.” – Little White Lies


Full English

106 minutes

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