Goya in Bordeaux

Directed by Carlos Saura

Saura and acclaimed Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro together created the jewel-toned images of 1998’s TANGO. They surpass their previous effort with this visually stunning tribute to Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, the great Spanish artist credited as the father of modern painting. The film takes place as the deaf, 82-year-old exiled painter tells his young daughter about the key experiences of his life and of his art. In flashbacks, he recalls the palace intrigue and political upheaval of the time, and above all his beloved Duchess of Alba. The films’s power lies in its use of mesmerising lighting and innovative cinematographic techniques to depict the maestro’s work. Combined with rich, imaginative art direction and an impressive Goya-winning performance from Rabal, the result is an evocative drama that mimics the painter’s style and brings to life his greatest works. “An exquisite and dynamic piece of pure cinema.”The Hollywood Reporter

100 minutes

Country of origin:
Italy and Spain

Year of production: