Good Bye Lenin!

Directed by Wolfgang Becker

A prize-winner at the 2003 Berlin Film Fest and a huge hit in its subsequent German release, GOOD BYE LENIN! is a touching comedy that uses the story of one family to comment on the earth-shattering events taking place around it. Alex’s mother falls into a coma in October 1989. When she awakes months later, Alex is advised that her health will not weather any stress. How will her son keep the biggest shock from his mother – that the Wall has fallen and her beloved socialist country is now under the spell of rampant capitalism? Aided by friends, the young man sets out to ensure that she cannot discover what has occurred outside the walls of her sick-room, transforming the family apartment into an island of the past in an attempt to convince his mother that nothing has changed.”A witty, moving and utterly unique take on German reunification.” Bavaria Film International

122 minutes

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