Gambling, God & LSD

Directed by Peter Mettler

UK PREMIERE It’s a three hour long experimental documentary about the quest for transcendence. If you’ve made it past this first line then your efforts will be rewarded. Dividing audiences at film festivals worldwide and accumulating a whole tribe of cult followers, Gambling, Gods & LSD is a cinematic experience which defies classification. Blending documentary observation with lyrical camerawork, Mettler’s film is a twenty-first century dream spanning countries and cultures. From the Toronto of his childhood we set off on a journey that includes evangelism at the airport strip, tracings in the Nevada desert, street life in Switzerland and the coexistence of technology and divinity in India. Gambling, Gods & LSD invites the viewer to actively participate in the making of meaning, so the central themes of the film and the experience of watching it become one and the same. It’s intoxicating, visionary cinema. Best Documentary – Montreal Festival of New Cinema, Vancouver International Film Festival, Visions Du Réel Film Festival, Genie Awards 2002.

180 minutes

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