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Films in Competition: Shorts 2

Presenting some of the best animated short films from around the world playing in competition at Manchester Animation Festival 2016. These superbly crafted short films demonstrate the potential of the animated form. Films screening in this selection are:

Joint Tenants
Delphine Priet-Mahéo, France, 2015, 11 mins

The Head Vanishes 
Franck Dion, France, 2016, 10 mins

Fox and the Whale 
Robin Joseph, Canada, 2016, 12 mins

Broken: The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck
Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl, Germany, 2016, 7 mins

Janice Nadeau, France, 2016, 6 mins

How Long, Not Long 
Michelle & Uri Kranot, Denmark, 2015, 6 mins

Under the Apple Tree 
Erik van Schaaik, Netherlands, 2015, 18 mins