exposures 2001 Documentary Programme

UNDER THE RULE OF SATAN Rosemary Clarke University of Manchester 05:00 THE MORE YOU IGNORE ME, THE CLOSER I GET Jo Kimber MMU 10:00 TEENZ Helen Breslin, Emma Hattersley, Laura Turner and Jo Dalton. Warrington Collegiate Institute 12:00 THE GREAT MOVIE SWINDLE Kerri O ‘Keefe, Danni O ‘Keefe, Beth Jepson, Liz Bate, Nick Connell Liverpool John Moores University 10:00 ME AND FRED Barbara McDonald First Take, Liverpool 05:12 THE BLUE CORNER Mike Baker, Patrick Talbot, Simon Maloney, Rebecca Hall, Kevin Erlis Liverpool John Moores University 10:00 BEHIND THE GREASE PAINT Laura Roche, Barbara McDonald, Rebecca Lowe, Pauline Evans, James Schorah, Anthony McDonough, Steven Clephan, Charajeet Kaur Birdie First Take, Liverpool 06:48 HOMEWARD BOUND Kirsty Walker, Chris Graney, Victoria Greenword, Alison Ellyl Warrington Collegiate Institute 11:00 CHANGING ROBES Jennifer Hopkin Warrington Collegiate Institute 24:00