Electric Malady + Type

Directed by Marie Linden

Artist and filmmaker Marie Lidén explores the world of William, a man who has spent a decade reluctantly retreating from society. A one-time master’s student and aspiring musician, his adverse reaction to our interconnected digital age has led him to a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness.    

Hidden in a foil-encased bedroom, beneath layers of copper-lined fabric, William speaks about suffering from electrosensitivity. Shot partly with a Bolex camera, what emerges is a lyrical, empathetic portrait of loneliness and isolation – and a family’s efforts to save their son’s life. 

Plus/ Type, Lesley-Anne Rose’s bittersweet stop motion short about a young woman growing up with allergies to everything, screens before the feature. Supported by Film Hub North as part of BFI Network.


Full English

92 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: