El Mundo sigue

Directed by Fernando Fernán Gómez

Two sisters, with an extreme case of sibling rivalry, each try to find success, love and status in 1960s Madrid. A melodrama inspired by Juan Antonio de Zunzunegui’s novel of the same name, this indisputable jewel of Spanish filmmaking was anathema to the Franco-era censors and its original release limited to a single commercial cinema. Rereleased in 2015, this portrayal of moral misery under the dictatorship is a forgotten masterpiece in the Italian neorealist style. A rarely seen portrait of life in Madrid, and a tableau of different social classes entwined in a tragic tale: abortion, prostitution, gambling, envy, hate, resentment, deceit, and above all the terrible plight of women in such a society.

118 minutes

Translated title:
Life Goes On


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