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Double Bill/ Spell Reel + Sol Negro

Sol Negro
Dir Laura Huertas Millán/FR CO 2016/43 mins/Spanish wEng ST
As the black sun of an eclipse, Antonia is a lyrical singer with an exuberant and dark beauty. In rehab after a suicide attempt, all her family ties are broken. Her sister is still deeply affected by this event… How to bring them together again? How can they understand a trauma which affects and overtakes them?

Spell Reel
Dir Filipa César/DE PT FR 2017/96 mins/Portuguese, Fula, Guinea-Bissau Creole, French and English with partial EngST
After decaying visual and audio material surfaced depicting the fight for independence in Guinea-Bissau, Filipa César and collaborators digitised the footage in Berlin, before travelling back to the original filming locations and showing the work to audiences for the first time, adding their own live commentary. From isolated villages in Guinea-Bissau to European capitals, the silent reels are now the place from where people search for antidotes for a world in crisis.