Dear Wendy

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg

Look out! The last time Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg (FESTEN) got together the result was Dogme 95. When the dynamic duo re-teamed, with Vinterberg directing from a screenplay by Von Trier, the result is equally ballistic, propelling Brit actor Jamie Bell to new heights and marking a return to form for Vinterberg. ‘DEAR WENDY is a love story between a boy (Bell) and his double-action revolver. In a faux-mythic town square [created on a deserted Danish military base] somewhere between Dogville and Butte, Montana (the mines have closed and the Zombies are always on someone’s turntable), outsider kids turn into gun fetishists and pacifist “Dandies”. Taking aim at Columbine, American racism, the right to bear arms, and the arms race, this willfully scattershot allegory is every bit the waggish provocation you’d expect.’ Village Voice

Special Preview

Check out Jamie Bell in this sneak preview of the latest from FESTEN director Vinterberg. Scripted by Lars von Trier, it’s a return to form. A young boy in a nameless, timeless American town joins a gang united by its love of guns and its strict code of honour. But ‘one shot is all it takes’.

Competition Time
To coincide with the release of DEAR WENDY we have DEAR WENDY posters signed by director Thomas Vinterberg to be and a copy of THE ZOMBIES ‘SINGLES COLLECTION: As & Bs 1964 -1969’ (the Zombies provide the soundtrack for DEAR WENDY) to be won. To get your hands on one of these prizes just email the answer to the question below before the end of Thu 18 Aug to What is the name of the filmmaking collective from which Vinterberg and Von Tier emerged?
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105 minutes

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