Deaf Shorts Programme

Presented at the 2017 edition of Encounters Festival, the films selected for this programme feature and represent Deaf lives and culture. The filmmakers come from both Deaf and hearing backgrounds and together their work presents a unique representation of the Deaf community in the 21st Century.

Includes the Oscar winning Best Live Action short film, The Silent Child.

There will be a post screening panel discussion chaired by Deaf filmmaker and journalist Charlie Swinbourne plus special guests. This will include BSL and spoken English with full interpretation.

Silent Laughs
Dir: Natalia Kouneli
UK 2017
A Deaf stand-up comedienne performs in sign language fulfilling her dream to make people laugh as well as bringing Deaf Culture to mainstream audiences.

The Silent Child
Dir: Chris Overton
UK 2017
Set in rural England and inspired by real life events. The Silent Child centres around a profoundly deaf four-year-old girl named Libby who is born into a middle-class family and lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her the gift of communication.
2018 Oscar winner for Best Live Action Short Film

Signs of an Affair
Dir: Louis Neethling
UK 2017
Signs of an Affair tells the story of Flora, who has been married to Fred for many years, when suddenly, he doesn’t want sugar in his tea – something’s not right! Flora is suspicious and determined to find out the truth, but ends up in some unexpected places. Starring Jean St Clair and Ilan Dwek; produced for BSLBT by Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

British Sign Language and English

Full English

60 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: