Directed by Anne Zohra Berrached

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Asli first sets eyes on Saeed in the mid-1990s at a fairground. They get to know each other in their student hall of residence. Asli is fascinated by Saeed’s charisma and self-confidence. The two students marry secretly even though Asli’s mother is against the relationship. In a mosque in Hamburg, they promise to stay together and keep each other’s secrets. Caught between asserting herself, conforming to her traditional parental home and her self-sacrificing love, Asli tries to find her own way in life. Then Saeed disappears. His decision changes Asli’s life – before it shakes the whole world.

Anne Zohra Berrached’s film comprises several layers that are all of equal importance. It is a love story, but it is also an exploration of cultural differences, truth and faith, trust and delusion.

Translated title:
Die Frau des Piloten

Arabic, English, German and Turkish

Partial English

144 minutes

Country of origin:
France and Germany

Year of production: