CinemaAttic Shorts: Map of Mexican Dreams

A programme of six short films showing the colours, landscapes, and radical contrasts of Mexico. Embark on a magical, mythical, surrealist journey with contemporary Mexico’s most daring storytellers, where gods, flowers, violence, dreams, rainforests, non-binary skaters, and poetry all blend in perfect harmony.

Films in this programme are: 

Arcángel (Dir Ángeles Cruz) – Arcángel is a peasant who, at fifty, faces loss of vision. Before darkness reaches him, he needs to find a foster home for Patrocinia, an elderly woman in his community who depends entirely on him.

Yollotl (Dir Fernando Colin Roque) – Yollotl connects the past and the present through a love story inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and testimonials from children who live in the Mayan rainforest. 

Kii Nche Nduta (Dir Itandehui Jansen) – A young indigenous boy imagines his future with a seashell pressed to his ear; an indigenous man recalls his past while listening to the same shell. Both wonder about how time transforms them and their surroundings. 

Lupita: Que retiemble la tierra (Dir Monica Wise Robles) – In a country where indigenous people are increasingly displaced, their land stolen, where students disappear without trace following police arrest, and journalists are murdered at an alarming rate, a courageous new voice emerges: Lupita, a Tzotzil-Maya woman at the forefront of a new indigenous movement. 

Atrapaluz (Dir Kim Torres) – A mysterious light strikes socially awkward Lila. When she finds its source, it turns out to be a cyborg who has come to remind her of her past life. 

Transtierro (Dir Susana Arrazola) – Irene lives locked up in her memories, painting self-portraits. Despite the apparent calm, an object, beating in the heart of her house, calls her to explore the depths of her home. 

With thanks to CinemaAttic and The Manchester Mexican Society.

Mayan, Mixtec, Nahuatl, Spanish and Tzotzil

Full English

124 minutes

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