CinemaAttic programme of shorts: Mujeres

Directed by Brenda Boyer, Nayra Fuentes, Irene Moray, Carlota Oms & Maria Manero Muro

Curated by the Edinburgh-based Spanish film experts CinemaAttic, five short films made by contemporary Spanish female filmmakers.


*en lugar de nada (*instead of nothing)
Brenda Boyer, 2018, 37 mins
In brutally honest conversations with her ageing punk mother, Boyer reveals a toxic family history.

Sub terrae
Nayra Fuentes, 2017, 7 mins
This award-winning sensorial piece creates a nightmarish effect, shot from above, as birds and humans scavenge below.

Suc de síndria (Watermelon Juice)
Irene Moray, 2019, 22 mins
With her boyfriend Pol, between tears and laughter, Bárbara heals old wounds and redefines her sexuality.

Carlota Oms, 2018, 9 mins
24-year-old Ada is obsessed with her gym instructor, but how can she get him to notice her burning desire?

Maria Manero Muro, 2018, 8 mins
A charming animation about Loly, from a pueblo near Valencia, whose life is saved by an anonymous liver donor.

Translated title:
CinemaAttic programme of shorts: Women

Catalan and Spanish

Full English

95 minutes

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This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time