Cinema Paradiso 2018: Shorts Programme at Paradise Works

Welcome to Cinema Paradiso – an evening of expanded film, video and experimental sound performances to Launch HOME’s Artist Film Weekender 2018. Works by an array of international and Manchester-based artists will activate Paradise Works’ dedicated gallery and screening spaces – ranging from single channel video works, to double-screen 16mm film projections and multi-format AV performances.

Dress warm, free hot soup provided! Cash bar available on site. Doors 18.30 for 19.00 start.

Douwe Dijkstra: Green Screen Gringo (2016). Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting – and yet turbulent – Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. The result is a mixtape-portrait of modern-day Brazil seen through the eyes of the visitor.

Rehana Zaman: Sharla Shabana Sojourner Selena (2016), sees six female narrators share personal experiences in an audition roll call, some scripted, some spontaneous. Their testimonies describe perverse scenarios where racialisation and gender dynamics inflect the encounters of each protagonist in workplace encounters, religious gatherings or sexual trysts.

Maybelle Peters: Black Skin, White Masks (1991), is a mixed media animation that uses Frantz Fanon’s book Black Skin, White Masks to respond directly to an era when children of Commonwealth Caribbean countries, who regarded themselves as British, became all too aware of their place in a post ‘80s landscape of marginalisation and racism.

Rose Butler: Kamikaze and Star Flyer (2016). Two different fairground rides visit the city centre interrupting the horizon appearing and then disappearing behind old industrial buildings and department stores. One ride turns like a clock hand whilst the other spins like a flying saucer, passengers are whooping or screaming. The work evokes questions of escape, control, voyeurism and complicity.

Jenny Baines: Untitled (#1 25/25 x 10/4) (2016) double-screen 16mm film
A performance for two cameras simultaneously, whereby the artist runs around a tree repeatedly whilst tied to it. As the rope loops around the tree and shortens, the artist/performer moves from one frame to only appear in the other.

Jenny Baines: Inflated (double) struggle (2018)
A comedic wrestling match, which at times can appear violent, tender, comical and absurd.

Bea Haut: Passage (2014), double-screen 16mm film
Crossing time and space to meet at an interstice, a point, a gap, a moment full of absence. Luminous objects of light evidence discontinuity and differing scales of field and frame.

Karel Doing: OXO XOXO (2013), is a dual screen 16mm film shot on London’s Northbank. The film is double exposed, once during daytime, the second time during the night. The roll is screened forward and backward simultaneously, with objects and signs appearing in different guises and directions. OXO XOXO playfully dislodges the viewers standard mode of perception.

Andrew James Brooks & IMPATV: Die Schone Und Das Monster (2018), is a collaborative performance between IMPATV and Andrew James Brooks. An incorporation of analogue projection, live camera feeds, video synthesis, found sound, kinetic sculpture and electronic music. Exploring and subverting these elements to create new work that blurs the lines between film, performance, beauty and horror.

Raz Ullah: Beyond the Infinite Drone (2018), is a crossing to an alternate dimension, expedited by slow-motion sci-fi visuals and a live electronic score. Cyclic low frequency signals and sustained, hypnotic sine waves channel the empty atmosphere and unchanging eternity of space. An explosion of consciousness leads to rebirth and renewal.

Please Note: This event takes place at Paradise Works Artist Studios, East Philip Street, Salford, M3 7LE. Access is via stairs only.