Directed by Lasse Halström

Adapted from the eponymous best-seller, CHOCOLAT is a delectable, mystical titbit about a sensual young woman who stirs up a strait-laced French town when she opens an exotic chocolate boutique. During the late 50s, single mum Vianne (Binoche) and her daughter Anouk breeze into Lansquenet during the advent of Lent. Whilst the locals are at church, they set up the shop that will offer respite from the town’s enforced abstemious ways. Soon Vianne’s alluring morsels are transforming people’s repressed lives, releasing them from the control of the town’s disapproving mayor (Molina), now her avowed foe. The alluring ensemble cast give excellent performances whilst Vianne’s relationship with local gypsy Roux (Depp) simmers like the spicy chocolate sauce that is her speciality. Of course, the beautifully photographed sweets share equal billing!

-119 minutes

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