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Buttercup Bill

A twisted romance in America’s deep south, Buttercup Bill follows mutually obsessed Pernilla (Evan Louison) and Patrick (Remy Bennett), struggling to find something like love beneath the wreckage of a broken past. After the suicide of a childhood playmate, Pernilla takes us back from the seedy New York bar scene to the doorstep of Patrick’s isolated cabin. Shut in there together, surrounded by the peeling walls of Southern religion and the bottle, they re-light what they once had: innocent and playful, cruel and sexual, manically loving and rusted with guilt. With a breakthrough performance from lead and co-director Remy Bennett, Buttercup Bill is a stylish, provocative and unflinching portrayal of infatuation and regret. Of the roads we have to walk down when we just can’t forget, and the life we have to make when goodness is no longer an option.