Bowling for Columbine

Subject of a 10-minute standing ovation at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Michael Moore’s documentary exploration/exposé of American gun culture is at turns chilling and comic. Inspired by the eponymous high school massacre in Littleton, Colorado, Moore sets off to discover why Americans reputedly love their guns and what might be done to remove the pervasive weapon from everyday U.S. society. Along the way he touches on a number of other related issues relevant to his homeland and enlists the aid of some gunshot victims in a peaceful corporate assault. Alongside the collection of amazing adverts and clips, the highlight of the film is the myriad of interviewees, ranging from everyday folk to a creator of South Park, Marilyn Manson (lucid), and Charlton Heston (scary).

120 minutes

Country of origin:
Canada and USA

Year of production: