Chinese Film Forum UK presents/ Before Next Spring

Directed by Li Gen

Li Xiaoli arrives in a small-town west of Tokyo as an exchange student. He takes a part-time job in a Chinese restaurant, where he meets several of his compatriots as well as local Japanese. All of them seem to be struggling on the margins of society, keeping secrets, facing decisions about whether to leave or stay. Gradually, Xiaoli becomes one of them. As their lives intersect, they cautiously open up to each other and exchange confidences. Inspired by his personal experiences in Japan, director Li Gen paints a vivid and intimate group portrait of strangers in a strange land for his touching feature debut.

Supported by the Confucius Institute at The University of Manchester.

108 minutes

Translated title:
Ru guo you yi tian wo jiang hui li kai ni

Japanese and Mandarin

Full English

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