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Bady Minck Double Bill

A rare opportunity to see two films by the contemporary artist and filmmaker Bady Minck. 

We are delighted to welcome Dr Patricia Allmer, curator of Angels of Anarchy, author of René Magritte: Beyond Painting, and Research Fellow at MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University, for an introcution to this screening.

Im Anfang war der Blick

Dir Bady Minck/ AT DE 2002
‘Imagine a portrait of Austria created by Jan Svankmajer and David Lynch’ (Süddeutsche Zeitung). In this film, Austrian holiday postcard images unravel in the hands of a writer into a nightmarish dreamscape of the country’s history.

La belle est la bête

Dir Bady Minck/ AT 2005
A dream, a woman, a furred tongue: On the threshold between the animal inside and the civilized exterior ‘the beauty (la belle)’ herself becomes ‘the beast (la bête)’.


£5 Full/ £3.50 Concs