Structure Space Form An exploration of 2D and 3D space to bring together a 2D conceptual London i.e maps, A-Z, and the actual physical experience. Oblong | Oblong Productions | 3:20 Moo(n) The friendship between a girl and a cow… Leigh Hodgkinson | Slinky Pictures for AIR/C4 | 3:25 The Love Nest A reclusive man’s possessive love for a beautiful song bird has unexpected consequences. Shelly Wain | Consortium of Gentlemen | 11:00 Love is Strange Sometimes in adversity people must learn to help each other, and hate can be transformed into love. Phil Mulloy | Spectre Films | 6:00 How Mermaids Breed An answer to the questions of how mermaids breed. Joan Ashworth | Seedfold Films | 9:40 Homelife: Flying Wonders The manic, perverse, touching but often pointless, nature of human obsession. Sophie Choupas | Ninja Tunes | 3:59 One Giant Leap: My Culture About our past, our ancestors, and our dads. Featuring Robbie Williams. Tim Hope | Passion Pictures | 4:11 Sixty Second Love Story A ‘retched’ tale of unrequited love. Brian Demoskoff | Cosgrove Hall Films | 4:50 Eating for Two A film about sex, religion and the weather. Steve Smith | Sherbet Films for Air/C4 | 3:10 Jo Jo in The Stars In a bleak and brutal world two lovers make a desperate stand against those who would destroy them. Marc Craste | Studio AKA | 12:00 The Vessels: Look for Me The life and death of a doomed relationship. Trunk | Trunk Films | 4:10 Goldfrapp: Strict Machine Dog-headed dancers, butterflies, urban architecture and…Ms Goldfrapp herself. Jonas Odell | Nexus Productions | 3:48 Dad’s Dead As a young man tries to reconstruct the past, hero worship turns to revulsion as the web of violence is revealed. Chris Shepherd | Slinky Pictures for C4/Animate! | 6:36 Commercial break Yorkshire Tea: Teascape Robin Shaw | Sherbet | 00:30 BBC World Cup Idents: Flare Pete Candeland | Passion Pictures | 0:60 Sony PS2: Robot Russell Brooke | Passion Pictures | 0:30 Snapple: Rent Russell Brooke | Passion Pictures | 0:30 Tizer: Lobster Pete Candeland | Passion Pictures | 0:30 Smarties: Goose Grant Orchard | Studio AKA | 0:03 How to Cope with Death A modern solution to an age-old problem. Ignacio Ferreras | Tandem Films | 3:10