Lonely Boy A portrait of loneliness. B. Brodskis | Dr. Puss/Presence Films | 1:40 The Old Fools An exploration of issues around ageing and death. Ruth Lingford | Sherbet Films for C4/ Animate! | 5:37 Rudy Trouve: Black and Blue The story of the discarded objects and memories of an abandoned house. Oblong | Oblong Productions | 2:19 Four Tet: My Angel Rocks Back & Forth In which shopping malls and Japanese NOH drama meet for the first time. Woof Wan Bau | Nexus Productions | 3:59 Killing Time at Home Isolated from the outside world, for some, the only way to make friends is to grow them. Neil Coslett | Blackwatch for Mesh/C4 | 3:00 The Separation Conjoined twins are separated with extraordinary consequences. Robert Morgan | Animus Films | 9:35 Commercial break NSPCC: Cartoon Russell Brooke | Passion Pictures | 0:60 E – learning Suzanne Deakin & Chris Shepherd | Slinky Pictures | 0:30 Expedia: Choices Daniel Greaves | Tandem Films | 0:40 Kodak: Disposable Cameras Create and Destroy | Exposure Pictures | 00:30 Tennents: Body Armour Darren Walsh | Aardman Animations | 0:40 Butterfly A kaleidoscopic journey through life, death and transformation. Glenn Marshall | Dream Ireland Ltd | 10:00 Success with Sweet Peas A documentary about the irresistible lure of competitive sweet pea growing. Samantha Moore | Independent production | 6:00 The Town of the One-Handed Does one really have to give one’s right arm for happiness? Heli Ellis | Surrey Institute of Art & Design | 4:10 To Have and to Hold An alternative world based on a companionship fantasy where women take the lead. Emily Mantell | Royal College of Art | 3:52 The Dog who was a Cat Inside About conflict and resolution. Siri Melchior | Passion Pictures for AIR/C4 | 3:22 Evan Dando: Stop My Head A twist on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. Damian Gascoigne, Caroline Espenhahn | Picasso Pictures | 3:26 Lemon Jelly: Spacewalk Various journeys through life… Mario Cavalli | Colony Media | 4:16 Anna Spud Anna Spud is not a happy little girl… Edward Foster | National Film & Television School | 10:00 Out of Joint A man with no nose longs to overcome his nasal deficiency. Peter Peake | South West Screen | 3:57