Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

Shot in the original Inukitut language, by a mainly Inuit crew, and featuring an all Inuit cast, ATANARJUAT is based on an ancient Inuit legend.In the icy tundra, a small community of nomadic Inuit is divided by shamanic evil that they cannot identify. Twenty years later, two brothers attempt to alter this fate, but one brother, Atanarjuat, upsets the order of the community, with tragic result. The film was shot on digital video, allowinga freedom of movement unequalled in film, and resulting in stunning, yet realist, visuals. Canada’s submission to the Foreign Language Oscars, ATANARJUAT has already gleaned numerous festival awards, including Cannes’ Camera d’or.‘This is the story that we are passing on to others, just like it was passed on to us.’ Director Zacharias Kunuk

172 minutes

Year of production: