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Aquarius + Introduction by Stephanie Dennison

After surviving a bout of cancer and the loss of her beloved husband, retired music critic Clara (Braga) is hardly about to let herself be bullied by the ‘generous’ offers or insidious charms of Diego (Humberto Carrão), the American-educated scion of a powerful local real-estate firm. Diego tries everything in his power to force Clara out of her home, including hosting a noisy orgy in the suite above Clara’s  – one that leaves a putrid mess in its wake. But when Clara starts pushing back, secrets are revealed, exposing the festering corruption that infects so much big business in Brazil. Tackling economic diversity head on, the latest film from Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho (Neighboring Sounds) is anchored by a truly extraordinary performance from Brava who radiates courage and independence.

Aquarius gets the review treatment in our March film podcast. Skip to 15.40 mins in to hear what Jason and Andy had to say about Filho’s drama…

Event details

The 17:45 screening on Sat 25 Mar will be introduced by Professor Stephanie Dennison, University of Leeds. Professor Dennison is Chair of Brazilian Studies and has published widely on Brazilian film.