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Anguish and Enthusiasm/ Artist Film Forum 2

The second in our series of Artist Film Forums includes three films. In Bühne (2012), Daniel Kötter examines a moment of fundamental change in the understanding of public space in post-communist Bulgaria. In Varna, The Palace for Sports was built as a prestige project of modernist architecture for the communist understanding of theatre and sport in 1968. Whilst its interior has not changed, the main hall changes its architectural and social function weekly.

Two men stroll around the French National Library in John Lalor’s Incident Urbain (2012). Code named Costello and the Colonel, they engage in an intense conversation about the environment around them, tensely building towards a dramatic concluding act.

Zbynek Baladrán looks at the questions that come to mind when everything begins again in his short film Minus ten anarcho-communist minutes (2012).


Artist-filmmaker John Lalor will be present for a post-screening Q&A.