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All About My Mother

‘That’s one career all females have in common, whether we like it or not: being a woman. Sooner or later, we’ve got to work at it, no matter how many other careers we’ve had or wanted.’ Bette Davis as Margo Channing in All About Eve.

A mother’s loss is painted through a vision rich in compassion, humour and complexity, in All About My Mother, Almodovar’s explosive exploration of womanhood. Crafted with a colour palate and scope that is genuinely captivating, Almodovar demonstrates how beauty and hope is found in the bleakest of tragedies, through women’s inherent capacity to survive and thrive in life, and in performance of it.

In a sophisticated and celebratory way, Almodovar allows the sentiment of two seminal dramas, Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire and Joseph L. Mankiewicz’s All About Eve, to interweave sensuously with the experiences of his glorious female cast, which ranges from a grieving mother, a mature lesbian stage actress and a transgender prostitute.