Aimée and Jaguar

Directed by Max Färberböck

Screening until Thu 6 SeptBased on a true story (and the eponymous German bestseller derived from it) AIMÉE AND JAGUAR is a story of doubly forbidden love, set against the backdrop of Berlin in 1943. Felice (Schrader) is a Jew living on false papers, and working for a Nazi newspaper – and the underground. The she meets Lilly (Köhler) whose life as an officer’s wife is the polar opposite of Felice’s whirl of cabarets and lively lesbian friends. Felice decides to seduce Lilly as a game, but to both their surprise, the two commence a passionate affair, living together despite the constant danger. The performances of the central duo anchor the film, for which Schrader and Köhler shared the Best Actress Award at Berlin.“Contains one of the most beautiful and intensively erotic love scenes involving two women in the history of cinema.”

127 minutes

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