A Very Long Engagement

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jeunet and Tautou reunite for his first film since AMELIE in this evocative, sumptuously designed romantic thriller set against the horrors of WWI. Mathilde (Tautou) learns that her childhood sweetheart and fiancé Manech (Ulliel) and four other soldiers have been condemned to certain death in no-man’s land. Refusing to believe him dead, Mathilde hires a detective to discover Manech’s fate, becoming ever more involved in the investigations. Based upon Sebastien Japrisot’s novel, ENGAGEMENT is a magnificently crafted, bittersweet tale enriched by powerful performances, burnished CGI-enhanced production design that recreates long-gone Parisian gems, and especially Jeunet’s magic touch.

134 minutes

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